Iron Chef Competitions

The Iron Chef Competition begins with your participants/employees arriving and wondering what they will be doing for the next few hours.  They are welcomed by a Hugh’s culinary staff member and ushered into the Cypress Room for the welcome reception where they enjoy beverages and buffet-style hors d’oeuvres.  They are given 45 minutes to wind down and enjoy one another’s company.  Approximately 30 minutes into the reception they are officially welcomed and introduced to the Iron Chef competition. They are given a brief overview of the agenda, rules and general culinary safety.


The group is divided into color-coded teams, typically 10-12 people per team for groups over 50.  In an effort to save time, we prefer the teams are defined prior to arrival but are happy to assist with this effort if not done beforehand.  The Teams are now led into the preparation kitchen and their color-coordinating station, introduced to the ingredients available as well as the “surprise ingredient”.  We ask that each team assign the following tasks and identify themselves with the corresponding name tag.  Tasks can be assigned to more than 1 person but only 2 people from each team are allowed in the hot kitchen.


• Team Leader

• Shopper

• Food Prep

• Chef

• Platter Preparation/Presenter




Team Building Challenge

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We have designed a team building program that accommodates any team building objective using a culinary platform.  Whether your goal is to provide an innovative, relaxed experience, leverage sales and interpersonal skills or really task your team’s all around sales skills, this event ensures a one-of a kind experience for you and your team.

Now the real fun begins.  The teams are given 1 hour to create their masterpiece.  No recipes are provided thus allowing for inspiration, creativity, collaboration and trust in one another’s ability to complete their assigned task.  Hugh’s Culinary staff is available only to assist, offer advice, answer questions and manage the group to the allotted schedule.


Once the head chef calls time, the participants are given approximately 15 minutes to refresh their beverages.  They are then directed to the room where they will sit and enjoy the results of their culinary feasts.  Once everyone is seated and the platters are brought in to the buffet table, the Presenter from each team will have 2 minutes to introduce their respective platter.  At this time the judges from Hugh’s Culinary will identify the winning platter based on the following criteria:


Team Spirit/Cohesion: How the group interacted as a whole, communication, stress management

Organization: Team assessment and tasks assigned, overall cleanliness, efficiency

Presentation/Creativity: Overall creativity of ingredients used and platter display, verbal presentation

Taste: Quality of the dishes prepared based solely on taste


Finally, the Chef de Cuisine brings the program to a close.

The participants are reminded of their accomplishment and asked the most important question of all, “If you can do this team exercise, overcoming all of the challenges experienced today, think what you can do as a unified work team”.

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